German Shepherds
with premium blood lines

A Little About Us

Our first family German Shepherd was a very sweet AKC puppy, Coco, that grew to be very loyal as well as protective. Her pedigree was very impressive with German & Czech grandparents with many titles to their name.  The working line pedigree was very evident in her strong prey and retrieve drives.

Our family got so many requests for puppies from her because of her excellent social, protective and tracking skills we allowed a breeding with a relative’s German Shepherd.
Roscoe was a beautiful red color and had a great disposition, but his pedigree was not as respected as Coco’s.  From that breeding we did keep one of the females, Belle.  Belle has a rich plush black coat as well as a keen working drive and she is quick to defend her territory in the face of a threat.

After that first litter, we started looking for a sire of equal standing and reputation as our dam, Coco.  We were fortunate to find such a male in Ace.  Ace possesses a solid, masculine build with gorgeous, deep, rich pigment. His nerves and working abilities are solid. He is a very intimidating male because of his size, but he is very social and dependable.

Unfortunately, our dam Coco died from what we believe to be a medicine miscommunication or malfunction.  We took off a couple of years after this tragedy.  During this time Belle became of age to have a littler and we have gotten some very fine pups from her and Ace.  Some of their puppies have become police working dogs as well as service dogs for our retired military.  

A few years ago, my daughter searched and pursued getting a German Shepherd puppy from a solid working line pedigree with a strong protective drive. She purchased Brandie to include in our family, but to also become her college companion and protector. She has a beautiful red and golden coat on a gracefully sound frame. Brandie has proven to be very loyal  addition to our home. She has excelled in her obedience training and has started working towards her first Schutzund title. We anticipate the beautiful puppies she will have with Ace.

All of our German Shepherds are good size ranging from 85 pounds to a little over 100 pounds.  The beauty and uniqueness of all of our German Shepherds go far beyond their outward appearance. In our limited experience of only 6 litters, we have had numerous referrals from previous customers as well as repeat buyers.  We are confident here at ALPHA SHEPHERDS that you will fall in love with one of our dogs and have a lifelong companion.

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